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A tale of good customer service: Glenilen Farm

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The writers and commenters here at CheapEats frequently vent about bad customer service, so it’s nice to be able to highlight good customer service when we happen across it.  One of our Twitter pals, @RealBLenihan, got in touch to praise Glenilen Farm:

Right, bought a tub of Glenilen Farm Cream Cheese in Fallon and Byrne.

Ran home, all the way, only to find that the consistency was that of Natural Yoghurt.

Bread would’ve soaked it up, tasted it, tasted like natural yoghurt. Sent them an Email, (possibly the most middle class, middle age email I have ever sent), heard nothing for ten days, resent, they got straight back to me, full of apologies (IT problems their end).

Described Cream Cheese. They immediately offered to check the batch, and then, the impressive bit, offered to leave me a ‘sample of goods’ at Fallon and Byrne for collection. Not sure what is in the ‘sample’, so could be jumping the gun here in my praise but was pretty impressed at the offer and the response.

It’s a bit of a rarity these days to get instant, positive results (and their Cheese Cake is something else) hence my gushing praise.  Don’t know if that story will promote me to the annals (just had to google that word for correct spelling, let’s just say I won’t be making that mistake again) of history but you know… worth a shot.

Thanks for that Minister!  Does anyone else have any customer service stories with happy endings that they’d like to share?


  1. Mad same thing happened to me the other day -i bought the cream cheese and in Dunnes in Limerick and yes it was like a yogart -Must contact them

  2. Eerily similiar story here . I emailed Glenisk yogurts because the larger cartons were giving me grief . I got a reply back very promptly with the offer of vouchers and a guarantee that my complaint would be mentioned to the carton manufacturers . I’m very impressed .

  3. Oh i luv glenillen, their natural youghurt with fruits are yummy esp the raspberry & rhubarb- my personal favs! luv the packaging re-vamp. emm must try the cheesecake haven’t had it before! ops they must hav got batch mixed up but at least she got straight back to you! bet you can’t wait for your hamper!! x

  4. Their cheesecake is out of this world! I want to get a bad product so I can get free cheesecake.