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Half price fish and chips almost everywhere tomorrow

fishandchipdayIf you like your fish and chips, you can pick them up half-price at hundreds of chippers across Ireland tomorrow, Wednesday May 26. “National Fish and Chips day” is being organised to promote and celebrate the Irish Traditional Italian Chipper Association (ITICA), and participating chippers will promote this special offer in their window.

What’s your favourite chipper?

Update: Seems there are no participating chippers in Limerick or Cork. Let us know if you come across any!


  1. Can someone please explain to me the point of this association?

  2. Very disappointing, there’s no members in Limerick city it seems, was hoping to have an excuse to indulge :c

  3. Isnt the Golden Grill the most italian of italian chippers? Proof that the association is utterly pointless.

  4. Hmmmm…”almost everywhere” except Limerick and Cork city.

  5. There are some places participating in Cork and Limerick. Check them out below, or visit the website for the list Italian chippers at



    Unit 9 Market Yard
    Newcastle West

    069 69558


    68 Main Street

    022 55721

    Roma Grill
    50 Nth Main Street

    024 92142

  6. Mallow, Youghal and Newcastlewest are not in the cities Dave.

  7. @Claire:

    Yes, I am aware of that, but as the message said “Seems there are no participating chippers in Limerick or Cork. Let us know if you come across any!”, it did not specify that it was looking for a city only.

    And, while trying to assist and engage, I posted these two addresses. I was just helping.

  8. Thanks for the helpful info Dave, we appreciate it!

  9. Sorry about that Dave, I thought you were responding to the comments already posted, not the initial entry. I didnt see the update. 😀

  10. Enzos and golden grill both on William st limerick. Also luigi’s in Parnell st and not sure but Lazio’s too by the market