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Special offers at Tesco

tescoirelandAs usual, Tesco special offers should be taken with a pinch, or punch, of salt. Regular reader Janet gets in touch to say:

I was in Tesco last week. I have always bought 4 packs of Ryvita crackers per week which were 88 cent per pack last week. The price is now €2.59 per pack. The manager stood closeby so I went to him to query the price hike. He said they were on special last week. I told him I buy them every week and since the change before Christmas they have always been that price. He abruptly turned and said ”well that’s the price of them now”. Needless to say, I went to Dunnes and got them for 99 cent per pack. My advice to anyone is check the prices of goods in Tesco as they are on the rise in a big way.

Is Janet making a fuss over nothing, or have you noticed price rises in Tesco?

Anyway, this week’s special offers at Tesco include:

  • Irish baby plum tomatoes (250g) – reduced from €2.39 to €1.79
  • McVities Jaffa cakes – half price – now 75c
  • Any 3 of 17 meats for €10
  • Ambre Solaire sun creams – half price on selected items

Offer expiry dates vary. Click here for more details.


  1. Frutapura pouches went up from 2.29 to 3.49. They are still 2.19 in Dunnes and 2.29 in Superquinn. Guylains chocolate seashells went from 2.49 to 9.99. They weren’t on special offer before, or maybe they had been for months… Tesco recycled tissue rolls went up from 1.49 to 1.59 to 1.69 in the space of a few weeks.

  2. You are all so observant! Keep it up! I sometimes think the price of one of my ‘usuals’ has gone up dramatically, but I’m never sure, probably because I’m in such a hurry. I’ll try try to make more of an effort not to let the multiples walk all over me. One local shop has gone independant (they used to be ‘cost cutters’). I think I might make an effort to support them. Choice is so important, and is becoming difficult to find.

  3. The thing I hate about tesco is the rudeness. The attitude of that manager sounds exactly like the manager in our local tesco – speaking to a customer is clearly a very unpleasant interruption to him!

  4. You’re lucky you could find a manager. The ones in our local flagship store are too busy huddling in a corner yapping and not doing a tap of work. Tills are jammed with queues up the aisles and there’s no chance any of them would hop on a till and clear the customer backlog…

  5. i noticed there was a sterling price printed on the box of a rasberry cheesecake in my local tesco recently. £2. The euro price on the shelf was 4.79. little wonder people shop in northern ireland.

  6. Observant, yes, you can say so…. If not, you fall in the supermarkets trap and add a few bucks to your weekly shopping. I do all the shopping and buy more or less the same core trolley week in, week out, so I know the prices. I am not loyal to brands, so if one is cheaper, I’ll happily change. Which is why I look at prices very closely. And also to avoid the sneaky increases that retailer giants are very prompt to forget about in their “war on prices”. Talking about Tesco, all their baby items have seriously gone up in the last week, I’m afraid this will lead their competitors to follow suit. And more families to drive up North