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Special offers at Dunnes

dunnes-offersCurrent specials at Dunnes include:

  • Hellman’s mayonnaise (430g) – half price – €1.32
  • HB Choc Ice (9 pack) – half price – €2.38
  • Selected meats and poultry – mix and match 2 for €6

Offers are valid until June 26. Click here for details.

Not bad, but Superquinn’s offers still can’t be beat!

One Comment

  1. Whats wrong with Dunnes web site. Most of the links under Special Offers have been long out of date or the link is invalid. This has been the situation since June 13. I loose faith in a web site if the information is out of date or invalid.

  2. They have a really terrible marketing dept. But if they are advertising these special offers then they are obliged to honour them. Otherwise it’s false advertising, no?