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Special offers at Lidl

Lidl LogoLidl’s tenth birthday is coming up, so you’ll find plenty of extra special offers alongside the usual food and Super Saturday deals. The 10th birthday countdown has a new deal every day, culminating in a big surprise offer next Thursday. It better be something good!

Food offers

Current food offers include:

  • New season potatoes (5kg) – reduced from €4.99 to €3.99
  • Galia melon – half price – now 99c
  • Indian style naan bred (260g) – reduced from 79c to 59c

Click here for details.

The Super Saturday offers include Ocean Trader’s gourmet fish fillets at half price and Grafenwalder pils reduced from 99c to 69c per can. Click here for details.

Special buys

Current special buys at Lidl include bathroom accessories, bed sheets and pillows, and kitchen equipment. Click here for details.

Next Monday’s specials include car maintenance and DIY tools. Click here for details.

Also at Lidl

The Taste of Asia promotion includes a selection of Sharwood’s sauces for €1.49. The same sauces cost €1.85 at Tesco.

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