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Kid’s meal rip-off from Mummy Pages

mummypagesThe parenting site Mummy Pages currently has a hair-raising example of being overcharged for a kid’s meal.  Kid’s meals are often very poor both in terms of choice and value, but this one is really something. In short, a child-size bowl of pasta with butter was billed at an incredible €15.90.  Read the full story on Mummy Pages.

Is this a record?  Have you seen a more egregious example of overcharging for kid’s food?


  1. I cant believe she didnt refuse to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ..well if you are looking for value in kids meals I was amazed in Avoca on Monday. Kids special of generously portioned pasta bolognese with ramekin of parmesan to sprinkle plus a smoothie and a cookie the size of the child’s face all for incredible 7.15 euro

  3. Thanks for the post Jean – that’s very nice of you!

    @Sheila – I totally agree that Avoca have a great offering for kids – which I now appreciate even more after my disaster last week.

    And yes, I so should have Sarah – if I could go back now I would do that. To be honest, I was so disgusted with myself that I nearly didn’t blog about it, happy to hide the info behind my not yet landed credit card bill. But I still wanted to highlight what had happened.

    I mentioned this already today on Facebook when a follower asked the exact same question. Under pressure with tired kids after the long drive from Dublin to Kerry and having suggested the restaurant to my sister, her GM and her 2 kids who we went on hols with, I grabbed the bill and paid. So yes, that was four bowls of buttered pasta at 15.90 each.

    My husband didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night – but happily, he threw that in for free ;0)

  4. If the restaurant refuses to do half plates of the main courses for half price, buy a starter to your child. More often than not, the choice is as good in the starter selection as the mains. The kids menus are most ofetn very poor value with only chips and some fried meat or fish that look very cheap

  5. I had a similiar experience recently while not quite as extreme was still very annoying, I was eating in a restaurant with my two daughters and the kids menu was 6.90 which was for a bowl of pasta, jelly and ice cream and a fizzy drink, when the waitress who was taking the order came, I asked for a bowl of pasta for my younger daughter and said she would not have the jelly and ice cream or the fizzy drink but a glass of water. When I went to pay, as expected, I was being charged the full price for the kids meal. I pointed out to the manager that I had specifically requested only the pasta and she very huffily gave me back two euros, I still felt I was being ripped off at that price. Needless to say I will not be returning to that establishment in Waterford city, I have a major problem with this sort of thing, imagine how many bowls of pasta can be made from an average size bag of pasta and what the mark up is!