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Product review: M&S Mexican selection

mexicanM&S recently sent me some items from their new Mexican selection, and it’s confirmed my new found grá for this cuisine. I’m consuming large amounts of burritos and fajitas lately; I ate out at Boojum earlier this week, I’m a big fan of Pablo Picante’s and Taco Taco, and I’m looking forward to trying out Azteca Cafe on Dame St. soon.

The new M&S range consists of meal kits, cooking sauces, pastes, and various accompaniments. The smoky BBQ Fajita kit had really good quality soft flour tortillas, a sachet of Mexican spice, and a very delicious salsa. Add in some chicken, onions, and green peppers and you’ve got a really tasty family meal. Or throw in some refried beans (€2.29 at M&S) and veggies for a cheaper alternative.

The Old El Paso kits cost €3.79 at Tesco and €3.69 at Superquinn, but I’ve never found them very appealing; indeed, they’re the reason it took Mexico so long to win my heart. At €4.49, the M&S offering is a bit pricier, but there’s easily enough here to feed four people. I think the extra 70-80c is worth it.

The M&S chipotle chilli ketchup (€2.29) blew my tiny mind away. Oh chipotle, where have you been all my life? It’s like ketchup, only chipotle is smoky, spicy, and worth so much more than its cheap, slutty ketchup cousin. I’ve been smearing chipotle all over burgers, sandwiches (especially cheese sandwiches), using it as a dip, washing in it… anything. Chipotle even also goes well with M&S’s spicy green jalapenos (€1.99), which are also lovely in fajitas, sandwiches, or as a disgusting snack all by themselves.


  1. Tried the green tomatillo salsa and didn’t like it. I normally love tomatillo salsa, but this recipe includes sugar which makes it taste more like a jam. Green salsa should be tart, not sweet.

  2. The M&S Mexican selection is great, but €2.29 is pretty hefty for refried beans.