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Special offers at Superquinn, September 22-October 5

goldenticket_landingSuperquinn have launched a new promotion, the Golden Ticket competition. Here’s how it works: up to 500 products, including well known brands such as Fairy, Lyons, Tayto, and Coca Cola, alongside a range of artisan sponsors, are highlighted as Golden Ticket products. Buy a Golden Ticket product and you’re entered into a daily draw for a €600 prize.

After 50 draws, the 50 winners will be entered in a grand finale draw on November 30 to win a grand prize of €20,000. The promotion begins today and runs until November 11.

There’s also the usual mix of special offers at Superquinn, including:

  • Buy any three selected meats for €10 (save up to €7.97)
  • Assorted vegetables – any 3 for €4 (save up to €1.97)
  • Lenor Concentrate fabric conditioner (1.5ltr) – reduced from €3.90 to €2

Still some decent offers here, but with the focus firmly fixed on the Golden Tickets, not as many great deals as you’d usually expect. Offers are valid until October 5. Click here for details.

What do you think of the Golden Ticket competition? Would this lottery lure you in?


  1. I hate these gimmicks…Just give us the offers SQ!

  2. Is it a rerun of Lidl’s Golden ticket?

  3. hey, provided they have the staff dressed up a Oompa-Loompas, I’ll be happy…

  4. love things like this, think its a great idea.

  5. And again, ye promote the MOST expensive supermarket in Ireland without question.

    While simultaneously criticising every special offer that Tescos does: “As usual, Tesco’s special deals leaflet needs a keen eye on the small print, with different expiry dates on the special offers.”

    Ye are blatant hyprocrites, and in my opinion anti-British. This website is not about cheap eating, it’s about keeping out Tescos and backing your own boys.

    I’m not a fan of Tescos, but I’m much less a fan of rip-off Superquinn.

    When are ye going to subject Superquinn, or Dunnes for that matter to the same critique ye apply to Tescos?

  6. Hi Luap, we promote all the special offers here – Tesco, Dunnes, SuperValu, Superquinn, Aldi, Lidl, M&S. Of course, this is a BLOG, so I do have an opinion about the supermarkets. And I personally prefer Superquinn – the last NCA survey indicated it was not more expensive than the other three big players. I’ve gone into tedious detail on why I prefer Superquinn. Even though many of its items are more expensive
    1. I usually shop for bargains – and SQ has by far and away the best selection of bargains
    2. They have the best selection of artisan products (although some individual SuperValus are great here too)
    3. They have the best fresh produce – quality bakery items and fish in particular – that easily trump similar offerings from the other three.

    That’s not to say I won’t criticise them – I’ll refer you to my comment in a post about their Essentials range where I compared their meatballs to catfood. And this post, which I’m sure you’ll see says that there’s “not as many great deals as you’d usually expect” this week at Superquinn.

    As for Tesco: no, not a fan. But it’s nothing to do with being anti-British. It’s for the multiple reasons I’ve outlined many times on this site.

  7. i have won lots of these golden tickets and not won has anyone actually won