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Readers Recommend: Dublin



My mum, Jean McGuire (no, not Jean from CheapEats) likes Roly’s in Ballsbridge.

On Saturday night I went to Rolys bistro in Ballsbridge with my friend Maria for an early bird. We arrived at 7.30 to a choice of either any starter and main, or a main course and a dessert for €20.  I began with Thai fish cakes, followed by a main course of salmon, marinaded in a chilli sauce and served on a bed of potatoes and a salad, which was absolutely delicious.
My friend had a starter of goats cheese salad and also had the salmon.  We were then presented with a menu of mouth watering desserts. They were only small portions priced €1.95 each.  We felt they were ample size and easy to digest after the meal.  My only complaint was the level of noise as it was packed and not a place to go if you just wanted a quiet chat.
However, I would give it 10 out of 10 for the food and the very friendly efficient staff and would definitely go there again.

Cheapeats reader and regular commenter Nicola Williams has some choice words about her favourite spot:

Thought you might be interested in trying out my favourite “cheapeat”, The Gravedigger’s Pub in Prospect Square, Glasnevin. They do tapas Monday to Friday from 6/6.30-8/8.30 (not quite sure of the times). The food is amazing and the menu, which is on a board at the back of the lounge, changes daily. The most expensive item is €7.50  for three crostini or a meat platter. However, the majority of dishes are no more then €3.50-€4. It’s well worth trying and i think you guys would really enjoy it – most especially the chocolate mousse dessert made with Lindt Orange Intense Chocolate. I’ve eaten here many many times but it’s kind of a hidden gem. I’d love more people to get the same pleasure I get out of going there. Anyway, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks and keep up the good work…your website is a breath of fresh air and I enjoy having a look every day.


  1. Oh I love the gravediggers as a pub but never realised they did food … yippeeeeee! And I love tapas .. have to try it out soon.

  2. The gravediggers serve tapas? That’s odd, hope they still give you a jar of Colman’s Mustard with them though 🙂

  3. The Gravediggers is a fantastic old fashoned proper bar with great food and a good wine list. I highly recomend it.

  4. Have you posted about the new specials menu in Bits N Pizza’s Dun Laoghaire? They’ve got a pretty good meal special going there, and the food is still fantastic.