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M&S Dinner for Two for €12.50, Dec 9-14 2010

Marks & Spencers

M&S’s super fantastic offer is back on this weekend, running from today until Tuesday.  The menu this time includes steak. Hurray for steak!  It also includes their Chicken and Garlic En Croute, which is incredibly delicious and has 89% of your recommended daily allowance of saturated fat.  I feel those two facts may be connected.

The full menu is on the M&S website. It feels churlish to nitpick about such good value, but it would be great if they started including fruit in their dessert selection again, for those of us who are trying to fight their instinct to fatten up for the winter.


  1. I’d also be happier if they started including their beer range as an option in the drinks menu. Some of ’em are quite nice.

  2. totally agree on the fruit and beer!!Got the meal deal today and was just thinkin a nice fruit platter would hit the spot and also stop me from stuffin my face to the point of no return….i did however get the cheese selection instead which is lunches covered for the next week! 🙂

  3. With the prices of fruits in M&S, I’m not surprised they won’t include them in the dinner for two offer. 4.39 for a 600g bag of clementines!!!