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Why is non-alcoholic beer such a rip off?

What price non-alcoholic beer?

My pregnant friend Elaine misses beer. A lot. So she’s on the non-alcoholic variety, Paulaner and Beck’s being the tipples of choice.

Last Thursday, I joined her and lovely husband Kieran for dinner at Cortina’s in Dundrum. Why, she asked, was a bottle of non-alcoholic Paulener, which has no excise duty to be paid, still a hefty €6?

She’s right, of course. A bottle of non-alcoholic beer should cost no more than a soft drink. I don’t mean to single Cortina’s out; in most pubs and restaurants  it costs at least the same as an alcoholic beer. Often more. Is this an open and shut case of egregious overcharging, or is there a fair reason why the permanently and temporarily teetotal are being fleeced?


  1. When you consider a pint of rock shandy costs more than a pint of alcohol in many pubs, I doubt you want to index non-alcoholic beer to soft drinks!

    The real question is why are non-alcoholic drinks such a rip-off in pubs?

  2. Another very nice non alcoholic beer option is Erdinger. Think its about €7 for 6 bottles.
    Totally agree that its a rip off in restaurants too. Best option is to go to places where you can bring your own drink! I love Bistro Spice in Monkstown, lovely little Indian restaurant and no corkage charge. They even pour yo

  3. sorry should finish at pour your wine for you!

  4. No idea why it’s so expensive, but the range is generally poor too. No choice, and i have yet to encounter an establishment stocking N/A cider (M&S do a nice apple one, and kopparberg pear N/A is in many dunnes and tescos)

  5. N/A cider = Cidona?!

  6. You can get bottles of Schneider Weisse NA in The Porterhouse Temple Bar for €4 and it’s actually very nice. Tastes kinda fruity. Great place to enjoy it too.