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€5.50 Red Wine from Lidl that is nice

We rarely write about wine here on CheapEats, largely because we know flip-all about it. However, I recently got this red wine – 2006 Tarragona Reserva – from Lidl for €5.50, and it is very nice. That’s all.

Oh hang on – there’s also a special offer where you can buy a case of six bottles for only €20, bringing the price per bottle down to an inconceivably cheap €3.33.


  1. This wine is nice but be advised that the cork is very far down in the neck and can break in the bottle when opening!


  2. Lidl also do a very nice Rioja Crianza – think it’s around the 6 or 7 euro mark.

  3. Dropped into Lidl last night to check out this amazing offer (6 for 20) but wasnt advertised anywhere!

  4. My OH checked in Lidl Castlebar and they were all sold out 🙁

  5. Sure at that price, even if it’s not great, it’d be grand for the old spag bol or beef stew!

  6. Yep, they seem to be cleaned out – went back to my local Lidl on Cork St in Dublin and there was nary a bottle of Tarragona Reserva to be seen.