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Maple syrup at Aldi

Over the past few weeks, the supermarkets have generously sent me assorted pancakes and toppings to review. I’m all pancaked out now, so I think I’ll have a curry for dinner tomorrow.

Anyway, amongst these products was a new maple syrup from Aldi. Priced at €3.99 for 250mls, it’s slightly cheaper than Tesco’s maple syrup and significantly cheaper than Jakeman’s Canadian maple syrup (€6.49 for 330mls in Superquinn). Watch out for that sickly sweet “maple-flavoured” syrup; you have to use the real stuff.

I wasn’t remotely surprised to find that Aldi’s maple syrup is very good. It’s medium grade, meaning that the maple flavour is relatively pronounced. It went very well with vanilla ice-cream, but maple syrup is also fantastic with bacon. My friend Cat also makes a delicious salad dressing with maple syrup; I’ll ask her for the recipe and update this post later.

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  1. Hi found your article interesting, Could you tell me does this maple syrup contain HCFS (high fructose corn syrup)?

  2. I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undrsetnaadble.