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Fast food workers protest reduction in minimum wage

The fast food industry is a major employer of minimum wage workers, and it is also one of the few industries that sees increased profits during a recession.  Supermacs saw their pretax profit increase by 18% last year, yet they are still cutting their staff’s wages.  Advocates of cutting the minimum wage say that it’s crucial for businesses to survive, but that is clearly not the case here.

If you know of other major fast food outlets that are cutting their staff’s wages, leave a comment below.


  1. Not only that. Fast food outlets have formed a nice little organisation to challenging the constitutionality of minimum wage rates. These include the following grasping, exploitative misers: Abrakebabra, Subway, Supermac’s, and Burger King – all of whom are making massive profits. In 2008, these companies were found to be in breach of employment law. Their workers must feel so valued. I don’t care if Supermac’s “have nice pizza”, I certainly won’t be lining their pockets.

  2. I worked at McDonalds years ago and was treated like dirt. All foreigners were cleaning the lobby while Irish were in the kitchen, regardless of your level of English or your customer management skills. You would not be given a pause for 6 or 7 hours in a row, would be asked to change your shift at very short notice. Would work late one night, early the next day. All this is against the law but they just didn’t care. They “messed up” a Spanish friend’s wage, so much so that she had no money left for her rent or even food, and their only answer was “it’s HR, they will fix it soon”. I went there armed with a friend who was acquainted to a TD. Lo and behold, her wages were fixed the very next day.
    I am not blaming McDonalds per se, I am pretty sure some shops are treating their staff well, it’s all down on the manager. But still, I hope never to work there again

  3. duh…. not “pause”…. Read “break”

  4. I don’t agree with the challenge but I also don’t agree with staff being paid extra for working on Sunday. Supermacs deserve their own place in hell. They are not unfamiliar with the labour courts.