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Rant #2: When food changes

I leave the country for two weeks. Two weeks, and the curse of the new improved recipe strikes again.

I used to love the Natural Confectionary Company’s Unbearables, eating all the purples to get them out of the way, and hoarding all the yellow and greens. Then, I come back from India, and they’ve ditched the best flavours – out with the yellow, banana flavoured sweet; in with a very dull, yellow, lemon jelly. The green got booted out altogether.

I was sad, but I did manage to buy about 15 bags of sweets during the changeover. In fairness, the new improved sour Jelly Squirms  go some way to making amends.

They change the recipe of foods all the time: when Starburst merged lemon and lime and brought in blackcurrant, when Skips changed the recipe, and most notoriously, Coca-Cola. My dad, who has worked in the food industry for many years, claims its a cost cutting measure, and that cheaper ingredients are often being substituted.

What foods have they ruined for you?


  1. Lots of ice creams and the like started to sub vegetable oils for dairy products during the huge commodity price spike in 2008/9. Not only did it change the flavours it really really affected the “healthiness” of these products. It was totally a cost cutting measure .. money versus health!

  2. Haven’t bought Cadbury’s Heroes since they added those white chocolates!!

  3. A lot of softdrinks are moving to replace half the sugar w/ sweetners, to those of us who notice the difference it ruins the squash/lemonade. The manufacturers make no apologies, and say other customers want different choice (ive never heard any of my friends want this particualr change anyway). Also, banana jellies are yucky, had to pick around them the whole time when i got NCC jellies….

  4. Nestles After Eights have been ruined for me. Adding butterfat to an otherwise dairy free product means that I can no longer eat them.

  5. I emailed Cadbury’s bout this and apparently they taste tested the ‘new’ flavours and the panel really liked them!!

    They’re just yuck now 🙁

  6. Jersey Creams. They changed the biscuit to a kind of digestive thing, completely destroying them. I used to go through 5 or 6 packets a week, now I hate them.

  7. Lisa – that is really odd as dairy fat is more expensive than veg fat so most products are moving the other way! Did they reply to you as to why they have done that?