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SuperValu price cuts

I get a lot of press releases. Here’s one I thought deserved some attention. SuperValu recently announced a grand plan to reduce the cost of an average weekly shopping basket from €132 per week to €102.

Price cuts and promotions form the backbone of the Spend Less campaign, with the focus on everyday items like cereal, pasta, teabags, fruit, and bread.

SuperValu is my nearest supermarket, so I shop there a fair amount, and in fairness, I have noticed a fall in the cost of my basket (and I usually only ever have a basket) – but only with judicious shopping.

If SuperValu’s claims are true, it will make them cheaper than Tesco, Dunnes, and Superquinn, which is now owned by SuperValu’s parent company, Musgrave’s.

Do you shop in SuperValu? Have you noticed a drop in prices?


  1. I shop a lot in Supervalu too – and it is true that it’s important to shop judiciously. The special offers are usually very good – but sometimes the basics can be much more pricey than Dunnes or Tesco.

  2. Not sure where to post this but Lidl have an amazing selection of organic fruit and veg for €1

    Sorry, this link refuses to work for me, just copy and paste to yr browser, or maybe someone from cheapeats can fix it!

    So far it seems to be the only supermarket joining in the National Organic week….

    Happy eating!!!

  3. oh, now it works!!!