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Diep, redeemed

Just a quick note to say that, following a spectacularly poor performance from Diep’s Blackrock branch, they have redeemed themselves.

Last week, Jean and I had a very enjoyable meal from the Ranelagh branch. The manager was genuinely apologetic about the poor customer service I’d previously received, and generously provided two mains and two starters. He even threw in a free packet of prawn crackers.

The food was much, much better than the slop I received in the Blackrock branch, especially the generous portion of Beef Red Curry.  Delicious BBQ pork spare ribs, and a very flavoursome Ginger Chicken Stir Fry.

The food would have cost about €35 if we’d paid, but it was provided as compensation. And a very fair compensation it was too – the sort, I told the manager, that wipes the slate clean. I’m still not sold on the Blackrock branch, but I’ll very happily go back to Diep in Ranelagh.

Readers, when has a business won you back with good customer service?


  1. Did the management know you to see?!

    Very good service if so.

  2. Nope, but they had my number on file. It was very good service, nice staff and management in the Ranelagh branch.

  3. I order from here quite a bit, excellent food