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Tesco clamp down on free speech, thought

This is spooky. A journalist from The Guardian newspaper reports that he was accosted by Tesco staff last week for the “crime” of writing down prices on a notepad.

The manager told him that Tesco policy forbids people writing down prices. Presumably, they’re afraid that people will discover they’re not such good value after all.

I’m going to assume that the idiotic manager in England was simply being over-zealous and that Tesco do not, in fact, enforce such a creepy, Orwellian policy. I look forward to heading to my own local Tesco to write down prices and take photographs; I encourage others to do likewise. If they try to stop me, I’ll write the prices into my phone, or speak into it. Unless they want to confiscate my phone.

(I’ve filed this under “Food News” and “Miscellaneous/ Insane”. Insane seemed like the appropriate category. Thanks to our friend Regan for the heads up.)


  1. A friend of mine was asked what she was doing by a T*sco store manager once in Cork. She was working out the points in some food with her weight watchers calculator but was made feel like a criminal according to her.

  2. I saw a guy writing down prices in Tesco Merrion recently… Was it you Peter? 🙂 Dont know what happened to him

  3. Non food related but my disabled aunt wanted to buy some Trinity college t-shirts for a relative in America and asked me if I’d pick a couple of “nice” ones for her.

    I went to the shop in Trinity and honestly thought all the T-shirts were fairly horrible and was finding it difficult to choose 2 “nice” ones. I spoke to the sales assistant and explained my situation and asked if I could take a couple of pictures on my mobile phone to show my aunt and I’d be back to purchase the next day.

    The sales assistant said no as “you could be running a counterfit T-Shirt printing business and all our stock is copyright”, so much for my honesty I should have just photographed them on the sly.

  4. Isnt this info all online anyway? Tesco really are evil- trying to use the intern scheme for even cheaper labour beggars belief.

  5. The intern scheme should be stopped at all costs,will defo boycott Tesco if it goes ahead.

  6. Recently prevented from taking photo of an offer in Dunnes, Blessington. I find this an easy way of sharing a bargain or not as the case may be.