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Help! Work Christmas Dinner

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Looking for some ideas from you, our lovely readers.  My work department had booked our Christmas dinner in a tapas restaurant next Thursday (15th Dec). Unfortunately the restaurant just cancelled as they had double-booked us.  Now we need to find another restaurant in Dublin city centre that is affordable, nice and will seat 19 people.  Yikes! I work for a charity and everyone pays for their own Christmas dinner, so it’s really important that it’s not too expensive.

We have a few ideas and are chasing up bookings, but so many places are already booked up.  Do you have any suggestions for places, particularly ones that are a little different and not the usual suspects that spring to mind when group bookings are mentioned?  Your help will be greatly appreciated!


  1. Have you tried the whitefriar grill. We are heading there ourselves in the next week. Its 30e a head for a three course meal and its on aungier street

  2. Myself and my colleagues had our party last week in Darwins on Aungier St.. It has something for everyone in my opinion.

  3. Sorry, should have posted a link to their lunch menu

  4. kat – thanks, Whitefriar Grill was the very first place I thought of and we’re waiting to hear back from them to see if they have room for us. I’ts a lovely spot and I wrote a glowing review of it recently:

    Sean – I really want to try Darwins, sounds great, but we’re looking for an evening booking and their dinner is just a bit too pricey for us.

  5. Theres a decent enough tapas place on the North quays heading towards Heuston. Its name totally escapes me unfortunately. Its decent grub and very affordable.

    Its next to the Spar on Ellis Quay.

  6. Thanks Jon – is it La Cala? I looked at the Google Street View pics of Ellis Quay – the magic of the internet, wha?

  7. If it doesnt have to be city centre there is great tapas place callled la bodega in ranelagh. Its really lovely and great value too

  8. La Cala is very good, they have paellas on Thursdays I think, it’s a nice dish for sharing…

  9. We are going to Chez Max on Baggot St for our Xmas lunch next week – its really good.

  10. Maybe the Terra Madre on North Quays? They might be willing to give you most of the restaurant and a fixed price menu. The food is very good indeed and cheap.

  11. I second Kat on the Whitefriar Grill, where we had our Xmas lunch last week. Delicious food, attentive staff, keen prices.

  12. Thanks everyone – the Whitefriar Grill came through for us, I’m really pleased as I really enjoyed a meal I had there recently: Thanks for all your tips, have filed those recommendations away for another time!

  13. Salamanca Dame Street or Mexico to Rome, in both this week both great, highly recommended and very cheap early birds.

  14. Green19 on Camden Street or Le Bon Crubeen would both be great choices for groups. Cheap too.

  15. Hi! I just wanna say, b*****ds that tapas restaurant to let you down at such short notice- you should let us know which one it was! And good show to Whitefriars and that so many others recommended them- they’re on my list now to try. Happy Christmas!