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Twitter Giveaway at Captain Americas

Long-standing Irish family restaurant Captain Americas have launched a Twitter giveaway – all you have to do is tweet them @CaptainAmericas with the tag #tagNdine, and you’ll be entered in the draw to win a free lunch for four. Full details available on Twitter; there’s a giveaway every day.

It’s along the same lines as the Crackbird and Skinflint ‘tweetseats’ giveaways – and I’m surprised that more Irish restaurants aren’t using this approach given the runaway success of Joe Macken’s various establishments.

I haven’t eaten in Captain Americas since I was a youngster and have fond memories of knickerbocker glories and so forth. What’s the food like there now?


  1. Have been a few times as friends like to go there. Sadly the food is always average and dull. In the future I’ll just be getting drinks there.

  2. I hadn’t been in years and met a friend there on a Saturday last year – her choice of venue as she doesn’t eat food with sauces, most vegetables, anything spicy, onions (!), etc. etc. The food tasted like cardboard. Even the fries were tasteless. Bad value to boot. The place was full of kids, balloons, renditions of “Happy Birthday” and there was a clown running from table to table. Maybe it’s a better option than McDonalds for stressed-out parents??