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Yogism frozen yoghurt, Georges St Arcade


Spring is here! The weather’s getting warmer, there’s a stretch in the evenings and the flowers are blooming! Actually, I haven’t noticed any of the above if I’m being perfectly honest but now that winter is behind us, it’s time to talk frozen yogurt. More specifically, Yogism, a new frozen yogurt store in George’s Street Arcade. It’s a healthy alternative to the very popular 99 and has been a hit on the other side of the pond for decades.

I popped in earlier in the week to check it out and I was very impressed. With it’s sleek minimalist interior and self-serve stations it feels like you’ve just stepped in to a shop worthy of Manhattan’s most hip neighbourhoods. First stop in the self-service is the yogurt, where you can choose from four different flavours, I’m all about the natural, but had a little of the chocolate flavour too. Then it’s onto the toppings counter, where there’s more choice than you know what to do with. Ranging from fresh fruit to chopped nuts to Oreos to mini-marshmallows, I decided on crushed Oreos, strawberries and kiwi fruit. You pay for it by weight and two small (which are actually rather big) tubs cost us €7.40, which isn’t strictly cheap, but definitely worth it and if you guess the weight it’s free!

My little tub of frozen yogurt was mouth wateringly good and tasted far bolder than it actually was. The owner, Stephen, happened to be manning the till when we were there and he couldn’t have been more affable and helpful if he tried. Definitely one to check out, regardless of the Irish weather.


  1. Don’t know why it took so long… Bubble tea next?

  2. live yogasim!!!!i happened to wander in during its first couple of days open and stephen was also there had an absolutely gorgeous frozen yogurt with plenty of fruit and nutty bits…..totally yum!!!reminded me of a place in salou along the beach where we got a frozen yogurt almost every day on hols 😀

  3. Frozen yoghurt? Really? Healthy alternative? Really? As in, like, low-fat crisps? Sorry, but if I’m going for a treat, it’s full fat, with extra fat, topped with fat, and sprinkled with fat, or nothing at all. That said, I guess I should try it before I knock it…

  4. I was delighted when I spotted this place as I loved the Frogurt places you can find in the US and the delicious toppings. I probably negate any health benefits seeing as my topping of choice is Oreos 🙂 but it’s a seriously lovely treat and I’m definitely hooked! Love the choice available in the toppings and the yogurt flavours. Very nice staff in there too. I wish them every success.

  5. Defo try it before you knock it Peter. The place, frogurt and staff are all great and the guess the weight idea is class!

  6. Ok, so I tried it. Yaaaaaaawn. As long as ice-cream exists, fat-free frozen yoghurt is pointless. Outside of weight loss and healthy eating, there’s no real reason to eat it. What a dull treat – sorry Rebecca!

  7. Don’t apologise to me Peter, apologise to your hips. 😉

  8. Actually your right! Bubble Tea IS next!
    There is a new Bubble Tea Shop called Bubblicity moving in next door to Yogism in Georges Street Arcade…Move over coffee – there is a new kid in town. CANNOT wait to try it out – My cousins in New York are always going on about it!