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Reader’s Recommendation: Dada

Cheapeats reader Ruth sent us some high praise for Dada, a Moroccan restaurant on Dublin’s South William Street:

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Myself and a friend went to Dada on a Friday night for dinner. Gorgeous restaurant and incredibly pleasant staff. We had a lovely waitress who steered us through the menu making recommendations on food and wine – all excellent! Dinner was delicious – we had a starter each and a main course, bottle of wine and a coffee each and the total bill came to just under €80 – great food, great atmosphere, excellent service and a great price! Would highly recommend it – make sure you are hungry mind as the portions are big!

Have you tried Dada? What do you think?


  1. I do have issue with the way they try to push their group menu on groups of more than four, it’s more expensive than ordering from the normal menu for the most part. Other than that their food is lovely (although the choice for vegetarians is lacking, with any veggies i know complaing that the choice is small and everythign is too sweet).
    I rather enjoyed the pears and almonds chicken supreme, and the bread is good. It’s not particularly cheap, but for meat eating sweettooths, tis lovely.

  2. The tagines are great, but small and expensive. The pita breads are stale and taste like they’re from the nearby Dunnes, as is the cous cous. Seems like since they have a semi-monopoly on Moroccan food, they feel like they can cut corners and still charge a high prices.

  3. One of my favourite restaurants in Dublin.

  4. I was with a group the one time I was there and we felt a bit fleeced by the group menu, though the food was very nice. I think they could see how shocked we were at the bill because they offered us shots on the way out, but really I think I would’ve preferred the cash equivalent!

  5. Food very very mediocre, and there is absolutely no privacy. I went with my wife and we were squashed in between two other couples, we could hear everything they were saying, and we were nearly afraid to talk ourselves. Would not go back.

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