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The Dundrum discount card

I hate this sign, but I love the signer - good deals at Dundrum

I’ve changed. I’m not the person I thought I used to be. Back when Dundrum “Town Centre” opened, I swore I’d never darken the doors of this shrine to Mammon. No, I’d stay true to the authentic vibe of Dublin city centre.

But I caved. Or I lied. Whatever. It’s convenient, and close by, and sometimes I meet friends there, and they have nice restaurants, and myriad other excuses.

Anyway, Dundrum are offering a discount or loyalty card for regular diners, offering deals in a number of the shopping centre’s cafes and restaurants.

They’re aiming for exclusivity: there’s only about 5,000 of the cards on offer, which isn’t ideal. There’s still a few hundred cards left, and you can get one at the “Yummy Drummy” website. The terrible name aside, there’s some great deals here, including:

  • Ananda – 10% off the A LA Carte menu from Sunday to Wednesday
  • Milano – 15% off food (not available with any other offers)
  • The Counter – 10% off all food items
  • The Port House – 10% off the cardholder bill
  • Siam – 10% off cocktail anytime & 10% off A La Carte Menu Sunday-Wednesday up to a party of 4
  • YO! Sushi – 20% off Tuesday to Friday

The card is free, but bear in the mind the usual warnings on loyalty cards and the data that retailers get to hold on you. But if they don’t bother you – and given the amount of Tesco Clubcard/ SuperValu Reward/ Dunnes ValueClub cards in circulation, they clearly don’t bother most people – it’s worth picking one up.

Hopefully it will roll out to more retailers, such as Cafe Mimo, soon.


  1. I love the sign and the image! I think it’s a real stand-out from other loyalty/marketing things going around!

    Got mine in the post a few days ago (after weeks of non-correspondance on their part, I thought they had taken everyone’s details and ran!), haven’t had the chance to use it yet but hopefully will next week! Yo Sushi! is beckoning…

  2. Got mine in the post a few days ago. I meet friends in Dundrum a lot so it is handy to have. If i am going to eat there i may as well avail of a discount!