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National Fish & Chips Day: 30 May 2012

20120530-142330.jpgIt’s National Fish & Chips Day again everybody, and that means half price fish, chips, batter and tasty grease. Mmmmmm. This annual event started a few years ago to promote Italian chippers in Ireland, and has proved so popular that plenty more chippers are joining in. The very excellent Leo Burdock’s in Dublin has half price deals today, as the happy Viking in the picture is helpfully pointing out.

The ITICA (Irish Traditional Italian Chipper Association) website has a list of participating chippers.


  1. Utterly ridiculous campaign.

  2. Ah here! Now I’m a tenner lighter after donating to the Irish Guide Dogs due to that blog. Damn you Clive! What a lovely blog.

    Anyway, my problem with this ITICA rubbish is that it’s not nation wide.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is a fantastic idea – what a lovely site and a gorgeous dog!