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Query: Best restaurants for large group bookings?

Where to go, when there's bleedin' loads of yis?

CheapEats reader Mary got in touch to ask for tips for a good spot in Dublin for a large group meal:

I am trying to think of somewhere good to go in Dublin for my birthday dinner. I’m turning 30 and want to go somewhere nice but not too expensive! I wanted to go to Pinxtos in Temple Bar but unfortunately it was booked out. I had initially thought tapas but now I’m pretty much down with going anywhere with decent food at a decent price. Any suggestions? I saw your most recent post about Pygmalion and think that might be a runner but not sure if they’d cater for 20 people +.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions you’d have!

Well, first off, I think Mary should try Pygmalion, they may well be able to accommodate a large group.  The Whitefriar Grill on Aungier St came straight to mind for me as well; it’s a lovely spot with a really interesting menu, and my work Christmas dinner there for around 20 people was great.  If they don’t mind being quite cheap and cheerful, the Hop House on Parnell St is a great spot for spicy food and pitchers of beer.

The last time we asked for tips on good restaurants for group dining, La Cala, a tapas place on Ellis Quay got a few recommendations. Anyone know of any other restaurants that will give Mary a 30th birthday meal to remember?

Update: we got a similar query from Claire so I thought I’d add it in here:

I am trying to find somewhere for a family 30th birthday dinner on a Monday night. I have been finding that lots of restaurants are closed on Monday nights. I tried 777, who would normally be open, but are closed for a staff party the particular Monday night I want. Any suggestions  greatly appreciated!

So do you know anywhere that is nice, good for large groups, reasonable and open on Monday nights? Thanks folks!


  1. A group of 10 or so went to the Green Hen on Exchequer Street – beautiful private room upstairs which felt like it had atmosphere, not that you were out of the way in a spare room! The service & food were good. Also reasonably priced./ We went for lunch though so can’t comment on dinner there

  2. seagrass portobello do group bookings and will give you downstairs to yourself, you can bring your own wine too…

  3. The Chameleon in Temple Bar accomodated 18 of us in their private room upstairs. Mind you, that was a tight squeeze but it was a very pleasant evening

  4. I’ve been at work outings in the Market bar, they section off tables for you, tapas is good, not the cheapest though but still value for money.

  5. Very good food and service at The Maples Hotel in Glasnevin, near enough to city centre,
    Had my sons 21 st here and really enjoyed the meal and very good entertainment in the bar also, Would highly recommend here for a good and reasonable night out.

  6. La Cala is no more… 🙁

  7. Roast Restaurant in Ballsbridge. They have great food and great staff. Nice place and very reasonable. Early bird is €22 for 3 course so im sure they will do a great deal. I had a group of 40 there resently and it went brllliant.

  8. Over a year ago my friend had her 30th in the Bank on Dame St. There’s a lovely mezzanine looking over the bar, which is where dinner was served. Food was fab. Later in the evening there was a guy singing and playing the piano and he took the time to sing her happy birthday too – great night and great service!

  9. Love Pasta near the Harcourt Luas station will stay open for large groups, treat you beautifully, and make a birthday cake of your choice. Lovely food and service, very reasonable. We had a memorable family birthday there.

  10. what about alfies on south william street????good food, reasonable not to mention the €5 cocktails available all the time, ive seen big tables in there of at least 30 people kitchen on south anne street is also very reasonable and nice abd they have a lovely upstairs to the restaurant too which could seat a large number!

  11. The Washerwoman in Glasnevin do an early bird for 26 Euro (3 courses) between 5.00 and 7.00 and on Thursdays their earlier bird is 20Euro for ladies. The Maples, already mentioned, do an early bird for 21Euro and their times are better. Food is good in both places.

  12. What about Keshk Cafe, ideally for big groups as you can share a number of dishes. Its also BYOB and Mespil Road has a great private room!