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Pub Grub: Against the Grain, Wexford Street

As promised, the spooky mystery of the internet allows me to appear as if I’m still paying attention to this blog. Actually I wrote this in April, before I left, but let’s all pretend I’m still here, not in Borneo being attacked by giant leeches, okay?

Anyway, before I left on my Pacific tour, I spent a few solo afternoons in Dublin pubs with travel guides and pints. You can’t beat nestling in for the day and making yourself comfortable, so I wanted decent pub grub.

I’d heard good things about Against the Grain (formerly Carnival, formerly Something Else; it’s a cursed location) on Wexford Street in Dublin. Joanne from the Stitch and Bear blog recommended their extensive selection of craft beers and ciders on this very site, and I have to agree: it’s a joy to expand beyond the usual selection of massive brand beers from the same tiny selection of big brewing companies.

The food is just as good. Because I reckoned I’d miss the simple things while in Japan and Borneo, I wanted to avoid the Asian food and to eat shepherd’s pie, potatoes, and other Irish food – like lasagne and chips – before I left.

The “gigantic chicken burger”, served with chunky chips, met my requirements. It really is a gigantic burger: two generous chicken schnitzels in a big floury bap with delicious mayonnaise, fresh crisp lettuce, and a big slice of beef tomato. The chips were really tasty as well.

Good pub grub isn’t always easy to find in the city, but I reckon Against the Grain’s food is good value and reliable. The fare is pretty standard and populist, with options like steak, burgers, pasta, and tagines on the menu, but it’s good quality. The menu also contains a rather delicious looking breaded fish with tomatoes and capers served with chips. There’s a number of options on the menu for under €10, but I’d like to try the mixed platter of chicken wings, ribs, coleslaw, grilled corn, and garlic bread (€14), when I set foot on Irish soil once again.

Can you recommend good pub grub in Dublin city?

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