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Review: Fumbally Cafe, Dublin 8

20120809-225714.jpgMy walk to work sometimes takes me down Clanbrassil St, and a couple of months ago I noticed a new cafe being set up in a huge empty building by the corner of Fumbally Lane. I admired the work they were doing as I passed by – the space looked really great – but found myself thinking that the location was a bit hopeless; isolated on a quiet corner on a quieter street. My pre-emptive sadness was completely pointless, however: the cafe that opened there just over a month ago has gathered a huge amount of buzz and is doing a roaring trade.

Fumbally Cafe is in the huge, high-ceilinged ground floor of a modern building and the owners have done a fantastic job with the interior. They’ve filled it with ramshackle and mis-matched tables, benches, couches and chairs, hung various rickety mirrors and other objects on the walls and achieved an overall effect something like your artistic great-aunt’s attic (in a good way). There are big tables and free wifi as well as cosy chairs so it has potential as somewhere to bring your laptop and get some work done.

The menu is also really well realised; most dishes are around a fiver and are both simple and properly done. I’ve been a few times now and the menu is slowly growing; you can currently get avocado with chilli on sourdough toast for €5, falafel for €5, a porchetta bun for about €6, a salad plate for €7.50, scrambled eggs with cheese and tomato on brioche for €5, soup for €4.50 and a few other choices.


Avocado sandwich was so good that I started eating it before remembering to photograph it.

I can give favourable reports on the eggs, avocado and falafel, all of which are excellent and made with lovely quality ingredients. A side salad for €2.50 was a huge portion and brought my avocado open sandwich from a light bite to a substantial meal. Coffee is excellent and there is usually a selection of sweet things.

The last time I was in, there was a large queue waiting to order at the cash register but I still got a seat (yay for huge seating area) and got served really quickly. I’m already hearing a minor backlash against the hipsters that are flocking there, but the space is so large, the food is so good and it’s so convenient to my office that I can deal with the hipsters, for now at least. Recommended.

The Fumbally Cafe is at the corner of Fumbally Lane and Clanbrassil St, and is open 8am – 5pm, Mon – Fri.

Has a hipster told you about the Fumbally Cafe yet? Have you tried it out?


  1. Sounds worth checking out — its success might prompt others to try similar things in the area which is strong on sometimes-tasty asian food but otherwise a bit under-serviced — and perhaps we might hope they might come around to opening on Saturdays and in the evenings.

  2. There is an article about them in Totally Dublin, they are indeed planning to open in the evenings and serve alcohol – all to come.

  3. W had breakfast there this morning (now open Saturdays) and were impressed by food, service, space and price.

    We will be back for more, hopefully also for some artisan beers in the evening, ie, if all goes to plan!.

  4. thanks for the nice review! And I’m glad you liked the food and didn’t harp in on the ‘hipster’ element too much. One person brands you a so-called hipster joint and then everyone else seems to jump on the bandwagon. If they came down and spent a bit of time they would see just as many suits, kids, students and elder folk as these cool 20somethings.
    But yeah, we’re now open on Saturdays and evenings will come down the line, along with the beer and wine license.
    Dublin 8 is a great area and we’re glad we’re able to offer a little towards the people who live and work here

  5. Hey Aisling, congratulations on your success, I’m really happy to see it doing so well – I think the Fumbally Cafe really deserves to be popular, and it’s great to see somewhere like this in my area. Sorry for bringing up the hipsters 😉

  6. Was there yesterday. The porchetta bun (pulled pork with all sorts of fillings) was sensational and the cup of soup for extra 2.50 was really good as well. Also had the homemade ginger and lemonade which was really refreshing, Will definitely be back again for the porchetta.

  7. Good review.

    As a Dublin 8’er I am so happy to see the space being used by the Fumbally Cafe. Creative interior, lovely food (most importantly) and no sense of being rushed out the door as with some other places in Dublin. I am looking forward to longer opening hours.

    I hope the ‘hipster’ label doesn’t stick and in turn put people off from going. Good mix of people and I haven’t yet felt uncomfortable in there.

    One definite non-hipster

  8. I definitely recommend it. Family friendly, nice people all around (not only “hipsters”, which I am not) and above all great food to warm you up.

  9. Smashing veggie grub. Delighted to have Fumbally in the neighbourhood