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Query: Finding Vietnamese Coffee in Dublin?

Middle-class dilemma alert!  My pal Declan is looking for somewhere in Dublin that stocks his favourite Vietnamese coffee – Trung Nguyen. Anyone have any tips for speciality coffee shops that might have this, or any other Vietnamese coffees?  Or would you prefer to just share general abuse about fancy coffee snobs? Get it off your chest in the comment box below.


  1. I have the same problem – everywhere seems to have stopped stocking the delish ground coffee. The 5 or 6 in one [sachets with milk , cream , ginseng, sugar etc] is no subsitiute. They will ship from England but that seems a bit too middle-class !!

  2. Hey Jean, allegedly the asian market beside the Jervis street luas stocks Vietnamese coffee – according to a friend who loves her coffee :0)

  3. No it doesn’t anymore – since Christmas , I can’t find coffee in any Asian shops in Dublin . I checked again yesterday but no joy.
    First World problems and all.
    The coffee actually works out cheap – 2 packets in a box for about €6. I miss it.

  4. You can order a box of it from It’s not overly expensive for the amount in a box.

  5. You can get Vietnamese coffee and food in Aobaba on Capel St., otherwise have you checked all of the Asian supermarket? There’s Asia Market on Drury St., Oriental Emporium on Jervis St., Korean supermarket on Great Strand St., and some on Parnell St.

  6. It is not available in the Asian shops in Dublin . I have checked all over Dublin on a regular basis. Aobaba is not going to sell packets of ground coffee and it is a cafe.