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Cheapeats for students in The Irish Times

Learning to be a student means learning how to live frugally. In yesterday’s Pricewatch, Conor Pope had some excellent tips for students, including learning to cook, switching electricity provider, and collecting coupons. He also advised on how to shop, including a neat little mention for this website:

Visit every now and then. It has a lot of feisty content about where to get eats that are, well, cheap. The site also has a weekly wrap of the specials on offer in supermarkets around the country which will make your life easier.

Of course, we heartily agree with his recommendation… But leaving ourselves to one side, Pope’s piece is a useful and concise article –  not just a must-read for new and returning students, but also useful for anyone who needs to save some precious cash.


  1. Conor doesn’t seem to know that there is a great big world outside of Dublin.

  2. Claire, according to the Higher Education Authority over 50% of university students and over 25% of IT students are studying in Dublin colleges. Yet only 1 of the tips out of the 11 in Conor’s article mentions Dublin locations (which works out at 9%!). So I really don’t think there’s anything for anyone to be complaining about.

    Plus his exact words are: “If you live close to a street market such as those found on Moore Street or Camden Street in Dublin…”. It’s not exactly inscrutable to non-Dubliners. I am confident that any students studying in Cork, Galway etc would be capable of using their developing research skills to ask around for the local equivalents!

  3. Keep your hair on. It was a comment about Conor Pope, not cheapeats! Although this blog is very Dublin centric too.

  4. My hair is firmly attached, thanks! 🙂 I was defending Conor Pope as I think his article is really useful and deserved appreciation rather than moaning. And the reason this blog is Dublin-centric is because we live in Dublin and do this as a side project. We provide a free service and there are always limits on free services. If you would like to pay us to travel around Ireland eating delicious food, we would be very happy to discuss it further! 🙂

  5. Go Jean!!
    Of the last 10 posts only one of them specifically relates to Dublin Claire.