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Coffee in Enoteca Delle Langhe, Italian Quarter, Dublin

Good coffee in Dublin. Sounds straightforward, right?

It’s not. Stale coffee. Burnt coffee. Coffee that tastes a little bit like soap. Machines that are never cleaned. Restaurants and cafes that otherwise play a blinder serving undigestable brown liquid that’s in its own special seventh taste category.

It’s hard to send it back. “Excuse me, but your coffee is indescribably awful for reasons that I cannot fathom because I think they only exist in another dimension.”

Ah, thank God for the Italians. You’ll always get a good coffee from the Italians, because to serve you anything less would hurt them as much as it would hurt the Japanese to serve you a bad meal. And in Enoteca Delle Langhe, in Dublin’s “Italian Quarter” (also known as the Millenium Walkway), you’ll find what I reckon is one of the best coffees in Dublin.

There’s not a hint of bitterness in their coffee, which is served warm rather than scalding hot, just like in Italy. My pal Roisin had a cappucino (€2.40); I had a latte (also €2.40). This was smooth, sweet, and happy. We also split a ginormous plate of profiteroles, oozing with cold fresh cream and even more proper chocolate./ As desserts go (by and large, mediocre to nice, and also overpriced in most cafes), this was something very special indeed, and good value at €4.50.

Service was… Italian. And the interior is very warm and welcoming; we grabbed the two big couches. Roisin says they do an excellent antipasti platter. Clearly they care deeply about their food so I’ll definitely try a proper lunch or dinner sometime. For now, it’s a refuge for coffee in a city of bitterness and hate.

Readers, where’s particularly outstanding for coffee? Tips from Dublin and all around Ireland are welcome.


  1. “city of bitterness and hate”….a bit harsh for Dublin isn’t it? 🙂

    But I agree “thank God for the Italians. You’ll always get a good coffee from the Italians”

  2. The Kiosk in Ballsbridge serves one of the best coffees i’ve tasted in Dublin. And Brian the kiosk coffee ‘shop’ owner is always chatty and smiling which is a nice change from surly ‘baristas’ who slap your coffee accross the counter at you in some other nearby spots….

  3. And Brian from the Kiosk doesn’t charge you over 3 euros for a take away coffee. In fact, the last time I was there, I paid 2.5€ for a fantastic cup of coffee, freshly roasted. And a bit of a chat too

  4. Lilliput in stoneybatter coffee is amazing so smooth I go there every morning , third space in Smithfield good also

  5. I constantly hear great things about 3fe in the Twisted Pepper on Abbey St; haven’t tried it yet but really must check it out.

  6. Agreed re Lilliput. Great coffee and, last time I checked, great prices.

    Brother Hubbard on Capel St does great coffee (it’s by 3FE as it happens) and even better cinnamon and walnut scrolls, and 3FE itself is indeed fantastic. Their Grand Canal St Lr store (I think) is great and they do afternoon coffee brewing courses that are really fun and informative – great Christmas presents!

    Fallon & Byrne coffee is also really good, although service can be patchy – and there’s a lovely little hidden coffee shop in the cigar emporium upstairs by captain america’s on Grafton street that does delicious brews.

    Phew! I care more about coffee than I thought!

  7. yes to Lilliput!!! their coffee is gorgeous 😀 also try their sandwiches and rolls…..really yummy with fresh ingredients and very reasonable too.i very often get a takeaway one and head into the phoneix park with it 🙂

  8. Lilliput for me too. It’s the best.

  9. I couldn’t drink the coffee in Brother Hubbards. I know I’m in the minority on this, but it was too thick and bitter for me. I do love my coffee, but I could not stomach 3FE. For me it has to be Cork Coffee Roasters or Cafe Depeche also in Cork. Never bitter, always creamy and with a free chocolate from Cafe Depeche.

  10. New-ish: The Cup on Nassau St:

    New: Green Bench Cafe on Montague Lane, between Harcourt St and Camden St.

  11. 3FE coffee is really fantastic. Highly recommend it for those who enjoy a well-made, strong coffee. The owner has been Irish Barista Champion twice and came third in the World Barista Championship this year, not too shabby! Such a pity I had to cut out daily caffeine (it makes me quite anxious) because I love, love, love the taste of good coffee and would love to try out some of the places recommended here. 🙁