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Save money on socialising this Christmas

How will you save money on socialising over Christmas? (Photo:

Once the bills are paid, 1.8 million Irish adults have less than €100 per month to spend, according to a report from the Irish League of Credit Unions earlier this year.

So how on earth are we going to get through Christmas? I’m currently writing an article for The Irish Times, looking at ways to save money on socialising. Today on our CheapEats Twitter account , I’ll be listing some top tips. Here’s just one: skip the pub crawl, and opt for a “social crawl” instead – get together with friends who live near you and have one drink and some nibbles in everybody’s house.

How will you save money on socialising this Christmas? Do you agree in advance about splitting the restaurant bill? Where are the free gigs? Are you having a pot luck dinner instead of eating out? What’s happening with your office Christmas party?

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  1. well instead of the usual boozy nights pre Xmas, this year we decided on specific nights example no 1 a gang of us are going to see The Bugle Babes in Anderson’s on the Wednesday before Xmas tickets were €10 and we will get a few nibbly platters and bottles of wine shouldn’t cost more then €30 each!on new years we are going to a gig in whelan’s, tickets are €25 however at least once we go in we are there for the evening and whelan’s booze is reasonably priced!so no hassle of queuing up to get into a nightclub etc….also instead of meeting friends for dinner we have decided on a boozy lunch instead, lots of places have excellent lunch offers on with many available until close to 5pm!

  2. Choose a BYOB restaurant to save on booze. Our favourite one doesn’t even charge a corkage fee and the food is reasonable anyway. Just make sure not to scrimp on the tip!