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Cheap and Cheerful Christmas: Peter’s Article in Pricewatch today

Peter is presented with his Mickey Bubbles CD last Christmas. Look at his delighted face!

Our very own Peter has a great piece in the Irish Times Pricewatch section today on ways to enjoy a cheap and cheerful Christmas. He has tips for restaurants and good pub food all around the country.  There’s also recommendations for country bars that will arrange transport for their customers, alternatives to pub crawls and much more.  It’s full of really useful suggestions.

I really recommend the ‘Bad Santa’ game he suggests (you may have heard of it as ‘White Elephant’ before).  We played it last year at a Christmas dinner with friends, and there was one particular CD by everyone’s favourite self-satisfied crooner Michael ‘Mickey Bubbles’ Buble, that sparked an epic series of tit-for-tat giftings and regiftings that I fear will continue for decades.

Let us know what you think of the suggestions, and share your own tips for a fun and inexpensive Christmas in the comments below.

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  1. Haha love bad santa we have a ‘Rat in a Can’ that sings jingle bells that has been doing the rounds for years!!