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Query: Christmas in crisis without kiwi marmalade


There are some foods and drinks that only get an airing at Christmas time. I would baulk at letting something as vile as cream soda pass my lips any other time of year, but I’ll feel that Christmas isn’t complete without it. My brother-in-law loves lime marmalade, but only on Christmas day. And our reader Des is on a desperate hunt for kiwi marmalade:

I’m looking to get some kiwi marmalade as a matter of urgency, can you help me or guide me? It’s for a friend of mine who adores it. It’s always been a tradition that I had it when they came home for Christmas, but the company that I used to always get it from changed hands and suddenly “lost my order”  of two pots. I was just wondering if someone could possible make me some, or know of where I’d find it? A long shot I know but…

Readers, can anyone help Des? And what can’t you do without on Christmas day?

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