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Coffee and tea for 1c in Centra today, January 21

centra_logoApparently, it’s the most depressing day of the year, or some such made-up nonsense.

Here’s a nice idea for ‘Blue Monday’ though: buy something in Centra and pick up a tea or coffee for just 1 cent.

Fuel products, lottery tickets, gift-cards, mobile top-up, bin tags, bus tickets, baby food (under 6 months), tobacco products and alcohol are excluded from the promotion.


  1. I had a banana and a coffee for 11 cents in Centra this morning, although the staff didn’t seem aware of the promotion until I explained it.

  2. I was laughed out of the Fermoy branch of Centra.

  3. We are getting a lot of reports, from various Centras, of staff not knowing about this deal or refusing to honour it. I’ve had to convince them twice now. Very poor form indeed.

  4. Was so looking forward to my 1c tea in centra edenderry this morning with my breakfast roll and other items i bought but got charged €1.60 for the tea .. dont know why ye advertise something ye cant commit to!!!! Very disapointed

  5. I can’t believe that, despite the debacle around last year’s promotion, Centra once again seem to have a high number of non-participating stores, and once again, the term “participating stores” is buried deep in the online terms and conditions. Tell it to the customers who went to the trouble of popping into their local shop to buy a tea or coffee.