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Pancake offers at Aldi and Dealz

pancakesTomorrow is a day to eat lots of eggs and milk before everybody in Ireland goes on a vegan fast for 40 days.

Eh, maybe not. But sure let’s shovel them down our gobs anyway. Everybody has their own favourite recipe, and there are plenty of recipes out there.

Some people will opt for the pancake mix instead. They’re not for me, and I can’t claim that I’ve tried them, but if you are looking for a lazy pancake mix option, there are cheap options in Dealz and Aldi.

Dealz have pancake mix, eggs, milk and toppings such as Nutella and honey, all at just €1.49 each. If you’re making your own, Dealz also sell sieves, spatulas, whisks and mixing bowls.

At Aldi, their Classic Pancake Mix is just 99c (232g): simply add an egg and water and start flipping. Perhaps the best bargain of all is Aldi’s real Maple Syrup, which is just €3.99 for 250ml: significantly cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere.


  1. Pancake mix, why oh why do people buy that stuff? If you have to add an egg and water, why not just buy flour and add milk and an egg?

  2. Claire, I definitely agree! Fridge stocked with fresh batter for the three meals here 🙂

  3. Me too! There are only two of us but I have enough batter for a small army.

  4. What’s this Dealz you talk about?

  5. I totally agree Claire. Pancake mixes seem completely pointless to me. They’re just as much (or little) work as making a batter from scratch.