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Sandwich Heaven in the Little Green Cafe & Bar, High St, Dublin

Vietnamese Sandwich at the Little Green Cafe BarThe Little Green is a relatively new cafe, bar and gallery at 13 High St, right by Christchurch in Dublin city.  The venue has been a number of different pubs over the years, none of which were particularly memorable, but the owners of the Little Green Cafe have done a beautiful job on the interior.  It’s calm, pretty and quirky while staying just on the right side of the line separating ‘cute’ from ‘twee’.

The menu recently expanded from just soup and sandwiches to include a selection of Vietnamese-inspired dishes. Vietnamese food is super delicious and somewhere serving it at affordable prices close to where I work was very good news indeed. Even better news is that the Little Green serves an insanely delicious version of a Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich (€6.50).

Their version comes with pulled pork in a richly spicy marinade, on a perfect ciabatta roll, with crunchy fresh cucumber, carrot, and coriander leaves.  It was a truly outstanding sandwich. €6.50 is on the high side for a sandwich, but given that the convenience shop down the road charges €3.75 for two limp pieces of sliced pan bread with clammy processed ham, a sandwich of this quality is well worth the extra few quid.

Other items on the menu include a Vietnamese beef broth with noodles, a nasi goreng styled fried rice dish (I tried this, it was tasty but a little small for €7).  There’s also a smoked ham, bechamel and cheese croque for €5.75 and a soup and sandwich deal for €8.

I really like the Little Green.  The food is genuinely interesting and different from the usual cafe fare, plus it’s a delightful spot to hang out in, with squashy armchairs to relax in. The top floor usually has an exhibition so you can also get a bit inspired while you’re having your food or pint.  (Check out the fantastic Sharp Suits exhibition which appeared there for last year’s Design Week.)

Have you been to the Little Green?

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  1. I went there on Saturday and it turns out there is no chef at the weekend so I had a nice enough but very over priced chicken and chorizo sandwhich. Add a coffee (plain) and it came up to near 9 euro. Nice place but definitely not cheap!