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Shop review: Davey’s, Rialto, Dublin 8

daveysIn today’s Irish Times Pricewatch, you’ll find my article on value (or lack of value) outside the main supermarkets.

One local shop that I didn’t mention is Davey’s, a small, independent convenience store right beside a Centra in Rialto, Dublin 8. The friendly owner, Davey, has been in business for almost 30 years, drawing in customers by dint of being welcoming, having an enormous range in his tiny shop, and being competitive on prices.  Many locals, myself included, generally saunter past the Centra without a second glance. In Davey’s, there’s always a smile and a chat from the staff, and I’ve even gotten to know some of the neighbours just by chatting to them in the shop: something that never really happens in the likes of your local Spar or Londis. 

As well as being a spot for picking up fuel, plants, fruit, vegetables, and groceries, Davey’s is the go-to place in this neighbourhood for all sorts of things you can’t normally get in your local convenience store. When I needed a dog lead for that stray which turned up on the doorstep over Christmas, I knew Davey’s would have it out the back (plus some local advice on how I might go about finding the dog’s owner, or re-homing it). When a friend needed emergency L-plates, sure of course Davey’s had them out the back. Need a rat trap? Drain unblocker? Tutu? Davey’s is also one of the last places you can find proper penny sweets (or two cent sweets, or whatever the kids are calling them these days). They’re always selling chocolate bars at three for €2 as well. Davey’s isn’t always cheaper on everything, but the essentials – milk, sugar, and salt, for example – were less expensive than next door.

As Spar, Centra, Mace, Gala, and a few others homogenise our towns and villages, it’s refreshing to see places like Davey’s surviving. This isn’t just a nostalgia fest: places like Davey’s are hugely important anchors in local communities, giving a vital sense of place and continuity that could otherwise dissipate all too easily.

Do you have a local shop that’s surviving the might of the convenience store? Sing praises here. 



  1. Can you guys provide a postal address or google-map-note for this shop?

  2. Hi Dave, it’d be Davey’s, South Circular Road, Rialto, Dublin 8. It’s in the village, close to The Bird Flanagan pub.

  3. Davey’s is brilliant – they’re *so nice* in there. It’s at 453 South Circular Road.

  4. Funny my bus drives past it every night and I’ve always wondered why it’s so full… Now I know. I’ll be giving it a go very soon.

  5. We should name and praise ALL our little shops like that, even if their business only increases by the readers of this blog!!! Unfortunately, in Sallins, Co Kildare, there are no independent shops. But would love to hear of everyone elses!

  6. Well done Davey’s delighted to be located very close to this business. Best of luck from all at kay’s school of Floristry x

  7. Davey’s is a fantastic shop I have been using it for over 40 years, you forgot to mention it’s a handy place to leave in your laundry and dry cleaning and keep up with all the local gossip It’s great to see Davey’s shop get a write up in the Irish Times Well Done!!!!!!!!

  8. awww when in doubt you can always depend on Daveys…. guaranteed to have anything you need….particularly on Christmas morning when everywhere else is closed,,, its great to see small independent retailers getting recognition for the service they provide to communities …. no better man that Davy to get involved in all local community events too

  9. Daveys is an Alladdin,s cave. I have been a going thereor over eleven years. Great place for meeting neighbours,and a fantastic fuel delivery service. Every area could benefit from a shop like this. Like the post office it is the heart of the community,long may places like this flourish.

  10. Love Daveys. Great to see this review. The lovely family have sorted me out with a great range of peculiar bits n bobs over the years from a Christmas tablecloth (on Christmas Eve) to a dog feeding bowl, collar and lead when my mum dropped her dog up for a holiday. Got two tins of coconut milk for the price of one the other day so made twice as much chocolate/coconut pot desserts.nyum. meant to drop some around to the lovely girl who sorted me out with the coconut milk. Must go again!