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Hamper of food for grabs on



There’s a hamper of Irish treats for grabs over on the WorldIrish website. Bags of Tayto and Banshee Bones (surely one of the most quintessentially Irish snacks), Cadbury’s Curly Wurlys, and Chef ketchup sit alongside some very 1980’s packets of soup and – ugh – Club Milks. The hamper is provided by Foods of Éire.

Not the healthiest box of treats, no, but still enough to keep you sásta for at least a month. And probably reassuring for Irish emigrants in desperate need of a Tayto fix – although I’ll take a packet of King over Tayto any day.

Irish food isn’t always ham and cabbage or Irish stew: it’s also bags of Chipsticks and Snack bars. In my fantasy hamper, which isn’t restrained by laws of physics and chemistry and can travel all over the world without going off, I’d include red lemonade and Club Orange. Hicks sausages. A Wibbly Wobbly Wonder. And Brennan’s white bread, even though I only ever eat it when I’m straight off the plane after being abroad for a while. For Donegal folk, a bottle of Football Special – do they still make this? – might be that little taste of home.

What are your favourite Irish foods, and what would you put in your fantasy hamper? 





  1. For me it’s Iced Caramels. Oooooh, I love them.

  2. Milky Moos…they stick to your teeth but they are worth it…plus you get a free sticker!

  3. Oh and Perri Pub Crisps. The stuff of msg was made for.

  4. Emerald sweets.

    The tastiest cause of lockjaw known to man.

  5. Have you tried the mint versions Brian. They are vile!

  6. I think mine would be good quality pork sausages. When I was away for 18 months good sossies with homemade brown soda bread and *slices* of Kerrigold were what I missed most, and insisted on being my first meal off the plane. Agreed on King vs Tayto Peter, give me King any day.

  7. Rebecca, if you’re in Stillorgan by any chance, I declare this to be empirical fact: the organic pork sausages in Fenelon’s butchers are the best in the world. I’m still reeling from the wonderful flavours.

  8. We used to go to specially to Fenlon’s as kids to get packets of 24 burgers – they had a really big freezer section too where the body shop is now I think – who knows what was in them but we survived – glad to hear they’re still in business – will try out their sausages for sure.

    For me, I love Calvita, I know it’s processed to bits, but Calvita and apple is a most unusually enjoyable flavour!

  9. I’m not Irish but find there are many great Irish foods worth knowing and missing when away. Brown bread and brown scones, Irish butter so creamy and rich, Irish milk (I was raised on UHT milk and find it vile now), Burren smoked salmon, Glenisk yogurt. Skelligs chocolates, Aíne chocolates, Butlers chocolates, Lily O’Brien chocolates. May be it’s time to gon on a chocolate detox before Easter…

  10. Iced Caramels and I would put wham bars in there

  11. Clonakilty Sausages
    Emerald Toffees

  12. ‘Proper’ butter and Cadbury’s chocolate are the two things I always miss most when I’m away. that said, as soon as I’m off the plane my first stop is always the mammy’s house for a good fry up with Superquinn sausages!

  13. Cadbury chocolate rolls-EVERY FLAVOUR- and salt & vinegar Taytos. And a big bottle of Ballygowan to wash it all down.

  14. Cadbury chocolate rolls-EVERY FLAVOUR- and salt & vinegar Taytos.

  15. chocolate kimberleys and mrs hicks sausages

  16. Has to be Superquinn Sausages – my all time favourites 🙂

  17. Sausages, tayto crisps, kerrygold, lyons tea, theres jsut so many yummy Irish Tastes 🙂