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Lunch Superbargain at Zaytoon, Parliament St

ZaytoonKebabs are one of those foods that have a bang of shame off them. Picture a kebab, and chances are you’re picturing it clutched in the hand of a stumbling drunk, with it leaking white garlic sauce over their knuckles.  But a kebab doesn’t have to be a disgrace. The basic ingredients of an authentic kebab – flatbread, fresh raw veg, spicy sauces and meat – can all be prepared in respectable ways, and that’s the way they’re served in Zaytoon on Parliament St.

Zaytoon bake their own flatbread, and it’s really good.  Their kebabs are usually around the €8-€9 mark, and they’re currently doing a fantastic lunch offer – €6 for a ‘special’ sized kebab, a side of a chips and a soft drink.  The special size is smaller than their standard kebabs but I barely noticed the difference, and it makes for a perfectly filling lunch.  I’ve always found the giant rotating skewers of meat a bit offputting, but there are some decidedly non-greasy options available – grilled chicken shish, grilled salmon or grilled vegetables.  Salmon may seem like an odd choice but it works suprisingly well with the Persian cuisine.

Zaytoon is at 14-15 Parliament St, and they also have a branch at Camden St.  The offer is available during lunchtime only.

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  1. Usually a place I frequent after 3am but my sister and I once shared a veggie kebab (regular size) and hummus for lunch here…there’s plenty of food for 2 and the flatbread is huge perfect for finishing off the hummus….I think inc 2 waters it was around a fiver each!!!