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  1. The reason I don’t shop in Aldi/ Lidl is because I don’t have a car and Tesco is much much closer to me than either supermarket.

    Sometimes I also feel that at least when I go to Tesco, 95% of what I am looking for will be there whereas I feel Aldi and Lidl are less reliable for maintaining a consistent stock of certain food items.

  2. Since I moved I’ve had Aldi and Lidl close by though I’d gone to Aldi at least once a week in the preceding months but only to get small amounts as I was on the bike. I’ve never had a problem switching brands for most items I’d buy. My wife was less inclined to switch but she’s taken to a lot of the brands in Aldi and Lidl with great gusto. We shop where the value is – brand names play little if any role.