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  1. While I do agree with eating Irish food in the main, I have discovered recently that Supervalu’s main supplier Musgraves are putting pressure on Supervalu to squeeze out small independent supplies and producers and instead purchase Musgrave’s own products.

    I don’t feel that this practice is beneficial to Irish producers and consumers, as such I will not shop at Supervalu as I have an issue with their ethics

  2. Anita, you have lost me. Super Valu are owned by the Musgrave Group. What “own products” do Musgrave have?

  3. Sorry Claire, maybe my post was a little confused. Instead of purchasing food products such as pre-packaged coleslaw & salads, and pre-made sandwiches etc from local companies/suppliers – Musgraves are insisting that Supervalu purchase ingredients/similar products from them and push out the small producer.

    As to ownership, well my local Supervalu is called Caulfield’s Supervalu – which leads me to understand that it is at least jointly owned with Musgraves

    Apologies if I have any of the details incorrect

  4. Anita, that’s how business works!