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Review: Crave, Aungier Street

Don't mind the garish exterior, it's much nicer inside

Don’t mind the garish exterior, it’s much nicer inside

Crave is a relatively new cafe, full of gorgeous mismatched chairs and design that create a lively, bright interior. It serves pitta breads full of yummy gorgeousness. I hear that the hipster wave of acceptance washed over Crave a few months ago, but all waves pass and break.

Colin and I strolled in for lunch on a Saturday, several weeks ago, and we were the only customers there. This baffles me, although I hope it is busier during the week. It probably doesn’t help that Aungier Street is somewhat swallowed up by George’s Street and Camden/ Wexford Street; this has never really been a street to spend time in.

The food was really, really wonderful, and we were nicely full after. Colin immediately sighed that I was about to drone on about how our lunch was excellent value, and that I’d probably say the same here. So perceptive, that Colin fella.

So, I had a big huge pitta called “The Italian Job”. It was stuffed with droolsome spicy pork meatballs in a rich tomato and red wine sauce and rocket leaves. It came with a nicely dressed green salad and a generous side of curried couscous. This cost €5.50. €5.50. I repeat, €5.50. Colin had the “Crave Classic”, which contained cooked chicken with crisp pancetta, salad, and French dressing. Also served with salad and curried couscous, for €5.95. It too pleased us enormously, although one minor quibble: a slightly overdressed salad led to a somewhat soggy pitta.

crave classicOther things you should know about Crave: daily specials, and salads, and very good coffee for just €2. Tea is closer to what it should be priced: €1.50. Friendly and efficient service. And did I mention it is great value? Yes? Well, I’ll say it again: great value.

My only bugbear about Crave is the same buggery bloody bear that has been driving my crotchety fuse into overload: the really garish and frightening logo. It’s a big open mouth with some mismatched letters, and it looks like it was carefully put together by a stalker who cuts letters out of magazines and sends them to quivering victims.

I worry about how quiet it was. Get here quick. It might be closed soon.

  • Crave, 79 Aungier Street. Monday-Wednesday: 9am-5pm. Thursday & Friday: 10am-7pm. Saturday: 10am-6pm


  1. I’ll give it a try this weekend so!

  2. Stopped for coffee there few times, must have a meal next time.

  3. Is it not a little harsh to warn people that this new place might be closing because it wasn’t busy on the day you visited?

  4. Mmmmaybe. But it’s a bit of a cursed spot. I really, really hope I’m very wrong and that it survives and thrives because it very much deserves to.