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Tasting Menus in Dublin

The raw tasting menu at Rustic Stone. Photo from:

The raw tasting menu at Rustic Stone. Photo from:

We got a query via Twitter recently about tasting menus in Dublin – do we know any websites that list them?  We didn’t know of any websites, but as helpful chaps who jump on any chance to think and talk about food, we decided to get a list together ourselves.  Many helpful Twitterers gave their tips, so here’s a list along with prices where we could find them. We can discuss whether they’re a good idea or a huuuuuge rip-off at the end!

  • Chapter One has a renowned tasting menu for €80; you need to book a full table to avail of it.  What constitues a full table? No idea! They also have a ‘kitchen table tasting menu‘ for €85.
  • New and widely praised Dawson St restaurant The Greenhouse has a ‘surprise five course menu’ on Saturday evenings for €75.

  • L’Ecrivain does a six course tasting menu for €65.
  • Indian restaurant Ananda in Dundrum has a special tasting menu. It’s not clear on the website how many courses or how much.
  • Bang do a seven course one that’s apparently often discounted on Groupon and other coupon sites. There’s currently a deal for them on Menupages. Our pal Maria Crispy tried it once and reported that the food was nice but the portions a little miserable and they left still hungry.
  • Haven of poshness Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud has two tasting menus; four courses for €80 or eight for €165.
  • Restaurant Forty One, in the Residence private member’s club on Stephen’s Green, does a six course tasting menu for €75.
  • Bon Appetit in Malahide does seven courses for €70.
  • Brioche on Aungier St do a ‘Ce Soir Tasting Plate’. I can’t see the menu and price; their website has one of the oddest navigation menus I’ve seen in a while so it’s possible I’m missing it. I’ve heard good things about this place.
  • Thornton’s do a five course taster for €90.
  • Sabor Brazil do a Brazilian tasting menu for €100.
  • Finally, the lunchtime raw tasting board at Rustic Stone is really interesting. It’s usually €15 but they just said on Twitter that anyone quoting ‘CheapEats’ in May can get it for €10.  Score (Make sure you quote this offer when ordering).

Phew! So as you can see, there’s lots of options in Dublin, and they nearly all come with fairly hefty price tags. If you know of any more (Dublin or elsewhere), please leave details and links in the comments below.

What do you think of tasting menus?  Are they a fantastic way to taste a million billion different things, or are they a stupid way to spend loads of money on Barbie-sized portions that leave you ravenous?  Tell us what you think.


  1. Restaurants often insist that the whole table has to have the tasting menu – I presume to ensure timing of service etc. I suspect this is what Chapter One mean when they say “full table”.

    The tasting menu at Sabor Brazil seems very pricey, for a non-Michelin standard restaurant.

  2. 100 quid for the tasting menu at Sabor Brazil? Yowza! I hope the food is made of platinum, even though platinum hurts my teeth.

  3. I agree, €100 is ridiculous. Maybe it’s the “RRP” so when they offer it for €50 on a Daily Deal site, it looks like a steal…

  4. I used to be really against spending that much money on food, but now I really feel that tasting menus are the bees knees.
    The important thing to remember is that it’s a bit of a show. You’re not just paying for a meal but paying for a mad exciting experience shared with the whole table. We’ve done tasting menus with groups of people and been in the restaurant for 5-6 hours and they’ve been amazing!

  5. I was in Sabor Brazil few months ago for my birthday.
    It’s not exactly a tasting menu – it’s the only menu! More of a set menu I suppose.
    Food was amazing – service was out of this world!
    Few cocktails, glasses of wine etc included too.

    I have often spent upwards of 150 on special meals out (Fade St Social, Fire etc..) but I do think Sabor Brazil topped them! Only problem was I was too full too enjoy dessert 🙁

  6. Thumbs up for the tasting menu at The Greenhouse and at Ananda. The former is impressive. The latter is good value; €50 for five courses (with choice of main, and choice of dessert). They used to have a longer tasting menu for €75. Shame it’s gone.

  7. I am Brazilian and would rather try something different than pay 100 quid for Brazilian food but, having said that, all reviews of the place are excellent (see tripadvisor) and from the people I know that went, the Brazilian part of the couple rated the service better than the food, while the gringo 🙂 (non-Brazilian part) loved everything!
    It seems it’s an experience more than anything. The place is tiny so you’re really made to feel special…
    All the luck to them!

  8. btw 10 euros to eat raw food is probably the worse rip-off of the list…

  9. I actually visited Sabor Brazil on Wednesday for my birthday using a 50% voucher and being honest I would gladly return on a special occasion and pay the full price for the tasting menu. It was simply sensational and the best meal and service I have ever had.

    Extras included cocktails at the start, glasses of gorgoeus chablis with the fish course (we had ordered a bottle of red for the meal – the only extra) and a cognac with dessert. My girlfriend was able to change her ‘main’ course as she doesn’t eat steak. All I’ll say is that the reviews speak for themselves. Whole meal took from 7pm to 10:45pm and was as relaxing and fulfilling an experience as you’ll ever get.

    They are expanding premises and changing the menu in a few months so if you have a voiucher make full use of it.

  10. the Greedy Goose in Malahide actually only do tasting menus and their food is really good. And the best part is that it is quite reasonably priced in comparison to the above.

  11. Have heard the one in BANG is quite good also, especially if you can get it on the living social deal when it’s running.

  12. The Pig’s Ear do a tasting menu…. If it’s anything like their regular menu it will be amazing…!

  13. Just bought a ‘deal’ – Orchid Szechuan in Ballsbridge 40e for a five course tasting menu and a glass of prosecco each for 2 people! No idea what it’s like but sounded interesting anyway! Anyone every been there?

  14. There’s a class of tasting menu at NEDE, the new Eden restarant – €45 for five plates on the “chef’s menu”.