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Query: Where can I find spanakopita in Dublin?

picnicSummer! Picnic! Spanakopita! Huh?

I love spankopita, a savoury Greek pastry filled with spinach, feta, herbs, and spices. It’s so delicious, and I’ve made it on many occasions, but it’s a bit of a pain, taking the guts of an hour, with 28 and a half million ingredients and leaving a messy kitchen in its wake. Cooking this is not in today’s plan, which mostly involves me hanging around Dublin city.

But I would like to buy some good spanakopita to bring to a friend for lunch tomorrow, and I was hoping the readers of this blog might know of a few places where I could get my hands on some to take away. Any suggestions in Dublin city or county are welcome; even if I don’t travel there myself, spanakopita is magic in summer time, so other readers might find the tip handy. Feel free to mention recommendations outside Dublin for this or other Greek food.

Another version that I’m very keen to try is The Daily Spud’s Spudakopita, which replaces the filo pastry with potatoes.

So readers: where might I find spanakopita or other delicious Greek food?


  1. Reading that article, I’m thinking maybe Blazing salads do them? What about the Greek place on Parliament st. Fallon & Byrne? The Epicurian Hall?

  2. Silk Road Cafe in Dublin Castle and Little Jerusalem in Rathmines – both run by the same people and both do excellent spanakopita to take away. Must be a popular dish in the Middle East too. Nom nom!

  3. Little Jerusalem: also has very good chicken dishes.

  4. Oooo we will have to suss these places out as we also love spanakopita!

  5. Little Jerusalem is nowhere near as good as it used to be. Also, the service is generally very poor as they seem to try to make cost cuts by not employing sufficient waiting staff, putting the staff on duty under enormous pressure.

  6. Ate there two weeks back. Food – esp chicken dishes – very good indeed and no problems with service.