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Home-made Ice Pops – a sweet summer treat

icepop-illustrationIs there anything nicer than an ice pop in the summer time? Nope. There is not.  I’ve always hankered after water ices more than ice-cream, delicious as it is – they’re so much more refreshing.  Making them at home is the ultimate cheap eat, plus you can make them with quite healthy ingredients, and can try out lots of interesting flavour combinations.

Ice pop mould sets are available everywhere; you can get them in pound shops, supermarkets and kitchen shops. I got a colourful bunny themed set in Tiger on Nassau St for about €2 or €3.  But you can also make your own – just use plastic cups and saved lolly sticks.

I’ve been trying all kinds of liquids with a varying range of success. Apple juice was a big hit with my little girl. Fresh squeezed orange juice was faintly disgusting, for some reason.  Cordial or squash works really well, probably because of the high water content, with blackcurrant being particularly delicious.  Smoothies are great, and if you make your own it gives you the chance to experiment.

We have a few recommended flavour combinations – share yours  in the comments below!

  • Fresh watermelon – blend it to turn it into juice, then freeze. Add mint for a more grown-up flavour.
  • Honeydew melon and lime juice – add a little water to thin the mixture
  • Layered strawberry ice pops – get frozen strawberries and blend them with a little water. Half fill the moulds with this juice and freeze, then add strawberry yogurt smoothie to the top half and freeze again. You can also include whole chunks of strawberry. Yum!
  • The amazing Thug Kitchen website has delicious recipes for mango pineapple popsicles and peach blueberry popsicles – can’t wait to try these ones out.
  • Blend fruit such as strawberries or peaches with sparkling grape juice for ice pops with a bit of fizz.

What are your favourite homemade ice pops?



  1. My biggest struggle with homemade ice pops has always been getting the pops out of the moulds. I can usually extract the stick from the mould sans pop 🙁

  2. Hey Triona, have you tried running the moulds under the tap before you take the pops out? Usually works for me.