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Where’s the Best Cake in Dublin 2?


  1. There’s a gorgeous little bakery just off Cows lane called The Bakery, the spelt bread is to die for and the staff are the nicest in Dublin, some nice unusual nostalgic school day cakes too at great prices and I can’t forget the hot quiches, pies and the flakiest sausage rolls. I’m hungry now.
    Cakes are rip-off prices in Dublin in General. A little square brownie is €4:35 in KC Peaches for take away. I travel to Belfast lots and you can get gorgeous cakes freshly baked for a quarter of the price. I never understand the Irish mentality of charging a fortune and selling 10 instead of pricing them reasonably and selling 30. I had cake in Nandos one day €6:95 for a defrosted cake, shocking. Thes a stall in Temple bar market on Saturday from Belfast which is extorianate and the triangle scones weren’t fresh and definitely defrosted. Noreen’s bakery that was there was lovely and did deals buy 3 get one free and the pecan brownie oh lord! The best brownie I ever had has to be in Darwins restaurant. Also a shout out to Caryna’s cakes at Dublin flea Market, once a month, I tasted for the first time lat week, silly pricing again especially the biscuit cake, which was just a biscuit cake, but the brownie and orange and almond cakes were lovely. Really best to make your own, you’d make 4 cakes for the price they want to charge you for a slice. Oh and if anyone knows of tasty proper chewy cookies in Dublin please let me know. Thanks. CM

  2. Fallon and Byrne’s pastries and cakes can be very good… many of the better bakeries aren’t in Dublin 2. I would recommend Mannings on Thomas Street if you are willing to walk a little further.

    Not a huge sweet tooth myself and tend to bake my own for special occasions but that’s my 2 cents anyway.

  3. I asked on Twitter and The Cake Cafe was mentioned again, plus the Hansel & Gretel Bakery on Clare St (beside the National Gallery)

  4. Il Valentino, Grand Canal Dock
    Roly’s Cafe, D4 – not D2 but walkable from D2

  5. Green Bench Cafe on Montague St has absolutely incredible cakes. If you go just before they close they’ll usually do a good discount for you too.

  6. Righty ho I shall try some of those starting with Cake Cafe and the Green Bench (possibly on the same day) as they are on my doorstep. Thank you for literally feeding my cake obsession.

  7. Great new cheesecake shop on South William St! It’s called Cheesecake and they have normal cheesecakes, and also cheesecake in a jar which is mixed with different chocolate bars! Really tasty!