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Lunch at Chez Max: CHEESE MAX!

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Chez Max is a French restaurant in Dublin with branches on Baggot St and Palace St beside Dublin Castle.  I took my little girl there once and she referred to it afterwards as ‘Cheese Max’, which I think is one of the most apt mispronunciations ever.  I recently went to their Baggot St restaurant for lunch with my pals Catherine and Itayi, and took the opportunity to Maximise Cheese.

Catherine and I both had French Onion Soup (€5.90) and shared a Croque Monsieur (€7.90) which came with a very good side salad.  Holy balls but French Onion Soup is delicious.  It uses such simple ingredients, but the judicious application of cheese makes it utterly sublime. Chez Max’s version comes with a colossal amount of melted Gruyere and is the most comforting comfort food ever.  The Croque Monsieur was also delicious and half was plenty along with the soup. Two courses, both with melted cheese – what’s not to love?  Itayi had the Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Salad (€9.50) which I found hard to pay attention to because it was tragically cheeseless, but Itayi was happy. The portion was a little on the small side though and a side of their delicious skinny French Fries were needed to make it a proper lunch.

I really like Chez Max, the food has been good every time I’ve gone.  Julie liked the food and atmosphere there when she reviewed their evening menu, and their lunch is just as good.  There are usually a few decent lunch offers in the Palace St branch, such as a tartine, a coffee and a soft drink for €10.

What do you think of Chez Max?

By the way, French Onion Soup is both easy and cheap to make at home and is perfect for cold weather.


  1. I’m not a big fan of their croque monsieur, I had it once and it was quite dry. However the tartine savoyarde they serve in their Palace Street branch is divine! So cheesy and delicious! I’m a big fan of their meat and cheese platter, it’s very good value!

  2. We were in the Palace St branch for some steak-frites recently. It was simple, old school, right to the point, tasty.

  3. I love Chez Max (Cheese Max!!) and am happy to report that the Baggot St branch is just as good as Palace St. They also have a lovely covered outside area that is so authentically French you almost feel like you’re in Paris, weather permitting of course!