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Dine In Dublin Week 2013: 21-27 October

Dine in DublinIt’s ‘Dine In Dublin Week’ this week – as this is the fourth year of this initiative, you may already be familiar with it. If not, it’s pretty simple – lots of Dublin restaurants put on special deals for this week.  It’s promoted as an opportunity to get a good deal in a restaurant that might ordinarily be outside your price range, and some really well-regarded places are taking part.

However, it’s also an opportunity for some restaurants to just slap a new name on their early bird, or even add a few pence to the usual price as Fallon & Byrne did last year.  We would recommend checking the regular menu for your chosen restaurant alongside the Dine In Dublin special menu, to see if you’re really getting a this-week-only bargain.

Are you going to go for a Dine In Dublin Week deal? Which do you think is the most appealing? If you try it out, tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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