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Shopping online: will you still do it?

SuperValu logoHow many different companies have your credit card details? How often do you shop online?

This week, we learned that a major data breach left 62,500 SuperValu customers at risk of having their payment details accessed by fraudsters. Customers who paid for SuperValu Getaway Breaks between January 2011 and February 2012 are affected. Around 8,000 Axa insurance customers are also hit. Across Europe, up to 1.5 million people may have been affected by this particular breach.

The Irish Examiner reports that up to 22 per cent of adults have lost money through cybercrime, with up to €300 million lost. Fortunately, the amounts are usually small, with the majority losing less than €50.

The Consumers’ Association of Ireland says that people should check their bank account regularly to ensure that there are no anomalies. It’s enough to put you off shopping online. I never get groceries delivered as I don’t tend to do a big shop. Indeed, I rarely buy anything online except airline tickets – more out of the habit of going to the shops than any concern about security.

Recent events, however, won’t do anything to encourage me to buy more online, or let any supermarket or company retain my card details (not that I’ve much to rob, mind).

What do you make of recent events? Do you buy groceries or anything else online, and has this put you off?

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