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  1. If Dubs left Dublin more often they would be familiar with the many places to eat for under a tenner around the country.

  2. Coincidentally, have recently been bemoaning the bad value in meals around the country compared to the value available in Dublin. Take Westport (Co Mayo) – on Saturday evening (Nov 16th) I was left hoping that some institutions in Westport (“the best town in Ireland’) are not losing the run of themselves. .. Portmore’s Early Bird was booked out and Sage was closed for repairs so we ended up in the Plaza Hotel as we were attending an event there at 20.00. The Plaza’s restaurant appeared to be charging Euro 37.50 for Table d’Hote menu (which we considered too much for our then purpose) and the hotel bar had two very loud television sets and an even louder clientele . .. So we crossed over to the Bistro in the sister Castlecourt Hotel …. mistake. I ordered chicken curry and to be frank the last time I was presented with a dish as dire and dismal was during a delayed flight in Bratislava airport in 2010 ….

    By way of balance I should say that a group of 14 people had a super 3-course lunch with a wide choice of dishes for Euro 15 in Chocolat in Limerick on Sunday November 10th . . .excellent food, excellent service, excellent value . . . And, good value dishes / meals are also available in the Gateway and Phoenix restaurants in Belmullet, Co Mayo.

  3. Claire: why exactly *should* Dubliners have to regularly up sticks and travel around Ireland? Outside Dublin and Cork, which are both well covered in the piece, where exactly is this inescapable tsunami of good value around the rest of Ireland?

    • FoodFace, the Irish Times is a national newspaper. The article focuses exclusively on Dublin with some lip service to other cities for appearances sake.

  4. Claire, why not answer the question instead of posting yet more complaining? As the commenter above says “where exactly is this inescapable tsunami of good value around the rest of Ireland?” As Peter said both above and in the linked article, he’d love to hear suggestions.